Valuable Tips To Start Running For Beginners Weight Loss-Fastest Way To Burn Body Fat

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If you want to lose weight fast, running is definitely one of the easiest and most effective ways to do it, as running can quickly burn more calories than any other form of cardio exercise. If you want to shed your extra pounds, here are some valuable tips to get you started.

* Make Up Your Mind-This is important especially when you want to lose weight. If you make half hearted efforts, you won’t get any success even after months. So try to develop strong determination on what you want and then put in your best efforts to achieve your goal.

* Invest In A Pair Of Right Running Shoes- If you’re interested in running for beginners weight loss, then you need to support your feet well. It is important that your running shoes are comfortable and cushion your feet. Right shoes will help you keep your feet firm on ground while you’re doing your exercises.

* See Your Doctor-Before you start your exercise program or running regime, it is important to see a doctor. This is important if you’re suffering from any health condition or if you’re obese.

* Increase Fiber Intake And Switch To Proper Diet- To ensure best results when running for beginners weight loss you need to cut on your food carvings and increase fiber intake as it acts as natural appetite suppressant. Also, most of the fiber rich foods have low amounts of fat.

You should eliminate all processed foods, such as pizza and burgers, pastas, cakes and include more good carbohydrates such as brown rice, oats, and jacket potatoes to ensure your blood sugar levels stay stable and you’ve plenty of energy.

Include proteins, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, fats and fiber in your diet. This will improve your energy and will also help you burn fat fast. Try to include at least five servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Some fruits high in fiber include bananas, apples, citrus fruits, strawberries, prunes, tangerines and pears. Switch to whole wheat or whole grain bread. Avoid white bread as it is low on fiber. You can also include oatmeal for your breakfast.

Make sure to include legumes, beans and peas in your diet. Some foods that can help you add most of these to your meal plan include: bean burritos, lentil soup, split pea soup, chili with beans, refried beans, and 3-bean salsa.

Choose high fiber snacks, such as whole grain crackers, or popcorn, instead of high-fat sugary foods or candy bars. Switch to brown rice from white rice, and from regular pasta to whole wheat pasta.

* Improve Your Metabolism- Eat 4-5 small meals every 2-3 hours daily. It has been scientifically proved that it will raise your body’s natural metabolism and your body will be able to burn more body fat naturally. In fact, it will become a sort of fat burning machine all day long.
However, avoid eating at night (after 9:00 PM) because this is the time when your body prepares itself for sleep and begins to slow down. So if you eat at night, when your metabolic rate slows down, you’re more lightly to gain weight.

* Start Slowly But Regularly-Once you’ve switched to proper diet, it would be easy for you to get results you want from your running efforts. So, first combine walking and running in the first few days. Start off slowly and then increase progress as much as possible without causing any kind of injury to yourself.

* Do Some Stretching Exercises Before Your Run- Running for beginners weight loss will show better results if you stretch your leg and calf muscles in the beginning. That way, you can improve flexibility and prevent strains and muscles injuries.

* Set Your Goals-It’s import ant to set your goals right in the beginning on how much weight you would want to lose with your efforts. After all it won’t be possible for you to lose any weight if you do not know the exact amount you want to lose.

* Gradually Increase The Time You Spend Running Each Week- To ensure consistent weight loss, you should add at least ten minutes more of running every week to increase the number of calories burned. Once you feel comfortable with your running exercise, you can then start to speed up and run longer distances.

* Rest For At Least One Day In A Week-This will ensure a day’s rest to your muscles and your body will recharge for the next week. This approach ensures more sustained results.

* Drink Lots Of Water- Try to eliminate sweet teas, sodas, sugared coffee drinks, alcohol and processed fruit juices. Make sure you drink at least six glasses of water every day. Many studies recommend that men should consume 3.9 quarts every day and women should consume 2.7 quarts of water every day. This will not only clean body from toxins and waste but will also fill you up. It also speeds up body metabolism so you will burn fat faster and it will also improve energy levels.

* Take A Friend-You’re more likely to stay motivated when running for beginners weight loss if you take a friend. This way, you both can encourage each another and can work towards your common goal.

* Enjoy The Scenery- When running for weight loss, you should also try to focus on other aspects besides just losing weight. This will keep you charged and you will see faster results. You’re also likely to enjoy various benefits such as feeling strong and connected. For best results when running for beginners weight loss, choose different areas and if possible even go to the park, the beach or someplace you haven’t seen before.

* Get Enough Sleep-Getting a sound sleep is necessary for your weight loss program as well. This will help balance your body hormones and can also prevent weight gain.

* Stay Motivated-Motivation is important when you’re trying to lose weight. So, measure your body fat every fortnight using a good fat caliper. Shoot few pictures of yourself every two weeks; front, back and side. Your side picture will show the most change.

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