How to Properly Sprint So You Can Be A Smarter, Faster Runner

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Sprinting is running fast for a small distance for a small time interval. It is used in many sports such as football, rugby, basketball, etc and is used to achieve some goal or objective. Sprinting can be fun and enjoyable. It might make you feel like a hero nobody can chase. It is however mostly used as an exercise and a workout for all sportsmen as it develops body muscles, it also helps reduce your calories and keep your heart healthy.

To excel at sprinting, one needs to be disciplined that is following a routine. It is important to know whether you are running properly or not, that is whether your energy is being efficiently utilized or not.

The major question here is “How to sprint properly?”.

There are certain things you should keep in mind while performing the drill. As it is most common, a lot of people neglect the posture and run without knowledge, which in the long run might harm their bodies and posture.

Here are some guidelines to follow to keep yourself fit and far from harm-

-At the start, that is when we accelerate, their needs to be a slight lean. The lean should not be from the waist but from the ground such that when you lean your center of gravity displaces in the direction of sprint. Leaning by only waist will cause a lot of problems, postural and muscular.

-During acceleration there is slight lean, when the velocity is maximum, you should be erect.

-Determine which leg you are going to use as your first step and put it on the start line. The arm which moves first should be opposite that of the leg. That is a right handed person usually uses his left leg and right hand first to start a sprint.

-Do not use your toes for running. Toes are unstable and you will fall.

-Take long strides as it increases the speed. But don’t make it too long, as you might fall.

-If your foot lands in front of your hip, your speed will be slowed down, so try taking longer strides.

-The arms and the elbows should make a ninety degree angle with each other. When your hand moves up, it should reach your chin level, and when it moves down, it should be in level of your pocket. So the hand movement will be from chin to pocket and vice versa.

-The arm actions always precede leg action, the faster the arms move, the faster you run.

-More backward the hands move, more should the leg rise up. That is when your hand is at pocket level; your leg will be at ninety degrees. The knees will make a ninety degree angle too.

-Your shoulders should always be relaxed. They should stay square with the direction of running. Do not raise your shoulders, as this will create tension in shoulders and they won’t be perfectly relaxed, which will affect your sprint.

-Your core should be tight as it helps with your stability.

-Your chin should not be facing upwards or downwards as it might cause breathing problems. It should be still.

-The head should be static. Swaying the head may cause problems, and also decrease speed.

-Do not bite your lip or clench your teeth. Try to be relaxed while sprinting.

How to properly sprint

Breathing properly is also an important component of technique. Remember to breathe in through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth. Always look straight ahead; looking down makes it harder to catch your breath.

These are some of the things to take care of. But to improve your pace, you can start warm up exercises such as jogging, stretching, other drills. Since sprinting is based on your muscle power, you can hit the gym and start some squats, crunches and push ups to increase your body muscle and hence energy. Work on your leg muscles, shoulders, and abs and hand muscle. Run uphill, it is great for your calf muscles. Start eating healthy, avoid all the junk foods, take proteins, they decreases the fat, in take proper vitamins and minerals, eat more of fruits and roughage, and have a proper balanced diet. Have a healthy breakfast, and stay hydrated throughout the day. Make a schedule and stick to it.

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